California Carmel Almonds


The medium narrow shape, carmel color & slightly wrinkled surface make the carmel almond ideal for baking & candy.

Helps brain development, regulates cholesterol levels, fortifies the heart, improves skin complexion

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The Carmel was introduced in 1966 in Le Grand, California. Actually a member of the California type varieties, the Carmel has become popular enough to warrant its own classification.

A soft-shell variety, Carmel almonds are often used for blanching and roasting. Because they are easily processed, Carmel types are often substituted for both Nonpareil and California.

This classification includes a number of varieties that are blanchable and used primarily in manufactured products.

These California-type almonds have a wide range of shell hardness, kernel shapes, skin color, and surface characteristics. As a result, they are quite adaptable and well suited for nearly any process or application

Here are some interesting facts about Carmel almonds as mentioned by the Almond Board of California:.

  • Medium, narrow shape with a slightly wrinkled surface
  • Harvested 25-30 days after Nonpareil Soft shell
  • They have good shell integrity and fair suture opening

Product Details

  • Ideal for baking, candy
  • Premium Quality
  • Guaranteed Freshness
  • Packaged the day you order
  • Naturally Fresh Foods
  • 100% natural Carmel California almonds
  • Prized for their superior size and taste
  • No preservatives; no artificial ingredients
  • Kosher certified
  • Certified Gluten-free

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